Leaked Surface hardware renders confirm designs and additional ports

While Microsoft has been traditionally tight-lipped going into its announcement events around its hardware, its partners haven’t always been the best stewards of the company’s secrets and some retailers have let some marketing images slip of the new Surface Laptop Studio and Surface Laptop Go 3.

According to WinFuture, official information regarding the design and specifications of the Surface Laptop Studio 2 and Surface Go 3 have leaked and reveal the upcoming design changes as well as a confirmation of a Surface Go 4 prepped for Microsoft’s September 21, 2023, announcement.

For anyone interested in a follow up to the Surface Laptop Studio, the SLS2 will feature a remarkably similar chassis to the original apart from an added USB-A and micros SD card slot on the sides of the device.

Based on the leaked marketing images, the SLS2 will feature the same 14.4-inch PixelSense display in all of its 3:2 glory as well the familiar 120Hz Windows-enabled variable refresh rate. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t touched the bezels on the device this year.

We’ve already reported on internals of the SLS2 coming with a Raptor Lake 13th Gen Intel H-Series Core processor, and a bump in optional memory to 64GBs while the internal storage will top out at the same 1TB as last year. The biggest upgrade will be the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 and 7-series GPUs.

As a result of the bump in base specs for many of the proposed Surface devices customers can now expect to start paying around $2,905 for the base model Surface Laptop Studio 2 with the top-tier option going as high as $3,405.

As for the Surface Laptop Go 3, almost all of its changes are internal as the 2023 chassis looks identical to 2022’s. Inside the Laptop Go 3 will be a base Intel Core i5-1235U processor running the whole device alongside a bumped up 256GB SSD base capacity and 8GB of memory.

WinFuture is also reporting that a Swiss distributor confirms via online competition that the Surface Go 4 will be present at the event on the 21st and will come manufactured as rumored with an Intel N200 processor over an AMD or ARM SoC many had hoped for.

The more interesting part is that Zac Bowden over at Windows Central has sources familiar with the distribution of the Surface Go 4 which are saying that the lack of leaked renders for the device is a result of its commercial retail status.

According to Bowden the Go 4 will only be sold through Microsoft’s business channels which negates 3rd party retail access to marketing materials.

As for the price increases for the Surface Laptop Go 3 or Surface Go 4, WinFuture is only reporting that the Surface Laptop Go 3’s base price will be $899 euros or $957.17 US.

Microsoft is still about a week out from its official announcement and while the hardware seems pretty locked and loaded, pricing may still be up for changes.

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