A critical error prevents some Windows 11 users from installing Mixed Reality

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  • Upgrading to the new OS is a joyful occasion for a lot of Windows 10 users.
  • However, many are still having trouble installing their favorite software.
  • For some, the installation process for Mixed Reality fails with a critical error.
  • Others are struggling with overall poor quality and long response times.

mixed reality

We know that there are a lot of VR aficionados among Windows users out there, so having the Mixed Reality app installed and working is quite important.

And the Redmond-based tech company did promise us that we would be getting more control and an improved overall experience with this software on Windows 11.

However, some people are constantly trying to install it on their devices, but failing every time, not because of incompatibility issues, but because of something that looks more and more like a bug.

Users are unable to install Mixed Reality on Windows 11

We’ve all been there. Excitedly trying to install our favorite software on our PCs or laptops, only to be prompted by a critical error message, before the process suddenly fails.

Recently, some angry Windows 11 users have taken to forums and other social media platforms to express their frustration about Mixed Reality not working on the upcoming OS.

For example, this fellow Windows 11 and Reddit user warned others trying to have some fun with Mixed Reality, that they might not even be able to get it to work at all.

I had been running Windows 11 + HP Reverb G2 fine for a couple of months. Recently, the performance was terrible so I decided to format my computer to a fresh Windows 11. Now, when I try and install Windows Mixed Reality portal it always fails with the message “Couldn’t install Windows Mixed Reality”

I’ve noticed during the initial setup it says “This PC’S graphics driver won’t work with Windows Mixed Reality.” Is there a known issue? Anyone else having issues with their Reverb G2 + Windows 11?
I’m using an Nvidia 3080 Ti with driver 472.12. No missing Windows Updates.

People responding to the post stated that they ran into the same problems, while others described new ones.

Even if, in some cases, users are successful in installing Mixed Reality on their machines, the software is either unresponsive, very slow to respond, or exhibits poor quality.

I just conducted the same experiment with windows 11(even did a fresh install of W10 & then W11) and nothing but problems. Took forever to get it working and then the performance was horrible (5800X & a 3080). Went back to W10 & it works perfectly. It’s a shame because I do like the W11 interface.

Some steps that worked in the past and are a bit more universal, as they apply to a wide range of software, such as uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, did not help at all in this situation.

Even performing a clean install wasn’t enough to solve this frustrating matter, so it seems that Microsoft has its work cut out for them in this area as well.

This is surely disconcerting news for those who were excited for the new OS upgrade, just so they could check out Mixed Reality’s promised improvements.

No official acknowledgment has been provided by Microsoft, so it’s probably going to take a while before this issue is dealt with accordingly.

Have also had the same problems while trying to install Mixed Reality on your Windows 11 device? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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