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H1-702 Las Vegas Day 0: Setup

Hackers! We have made it to Las Vegas! We are here for a live hacking event (LHE). All live hacking events are amazing, but this LHE has a special place in our hearts. This is H1-702, the largest multi-customer event HackerOne hosts annually. This is our 5th h1-702, and we’re back after two years off. Check out our last h1-702 in 2019: 

Each of our last three events of 2022 have been hailed by unique weather events! A flash blizzard, a sandstorm from the Sahara, and now flooding in Vegas! The weather is as unique as our events and something to behold.  We don’t want you to miss a moment – so we’ll be blogging live from the event this year.

Setting the Stage 

I’m not going to show you everything just yet, but let me say that this venue sets the bar for all events. Check out how amazing this is: 


behind the scenes 702


Behind the scenes 702 2

The Setup 

Something that never gets enough attention is just how much happens behind the scenes. Before the fun starts, our team tackles unknown variables. Did all the swag make it here- what about our equipment? Is lightening going to hit the building and knock out our wifi? Did all of our prints turn out right? Is the event space setup correctly? All valid questions we tackle!

Once we get onsite, we start physically unpacking and organizing all the swag our hackers will receive. LHEs are a labor of love, something we put our all into. We want to make everyone a unique experience for the hackers who make it here!

h1-702 packaging


A mystery that will be revealed soon enough, but here’s a sneak peek… 

Swag h1-702

Come hangout!

Join us live for H@cktivity Con! Everything from technical information from top hackers, to learning how to enhance your bug bounty career. We’d love to have you with us for these streams:

H@cktivity Schedule 702


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