I used to teach classes at the Apple Store and here’s why everyone should try a Today at Apple Photo Tour at least once

Working in an Apple store in my early twenties while attending university was a lot of fun. For five years, I dedicated my spare time between classes to product launches, merchandise resets, endless customer interactions, and four different roles between two stores. 

One of the roles that took up most of my Apple career was the wonderful role of Creative, where I taught classes within the Apple Store, and it still holds a very special place in my heart. It’s also a role with photography at its heart — and an excellent opportunity for Apple staff to share their photo-snapping tips with iPhone owners.

The Creative Role & Today at Apple

(Image credit: Apple)

Creatives hold a lot of knowledge about Apple’s software and hardware and spend their days in an Apple store teaching customers through the delivery of the Today at Apple program, a vast and curated array of free sessions. 

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