Edge updates move to Browser Essentials; here’s why that’s a good thing

You can now update Microsoft Edge by using Browser Esssentials

by Venkat

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Microsoft constantly improves its Edge browser with performance and security features, and you can monitor the status of these from Browser Essentials. Now, the company is making an important change to make Edge updates more visible to users by adding update alerts to Browser Essentials. The change can be seen in Edge Canary 122.

The purpose of the Browser Essentials feature is to monitor Edge performance and security. For instance, by opening Browser Essentials from the Toolbar in Edge, you can see a report of memory savings contributed by sleeping tabs and how Edge has protected you from security risks and threats by scanning sites you visit and files you download. The feature also recommends enabling efficiency mode, which improves Edge performance.

Browser updates are crucial as they contain security and feature updates. Each browser follows a certain method to make updates visible and discoverable by users when available. For instance, Chrome alerts users about pending updates through an alert in the menu icon. Edge is taking a different approach by now moving the update experience into Browser Essentials for better visibility and experience. Here is what the new experience looks like.

How can I see the latest Edge updates in Browser Essentials?

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge
  2. Click on Menu
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select About Microsoft Edge to check for updates.
  5. If the updates are available, Browser Essentials will trigger user attention with the message “New update available“. The tool asks you to restart and ensures previous tabs will be available when you follow the recommended action.

It may take time for Edge to completely migrate update notices or alerts to Browser Essentials and stop showing them from the settings page at some point in time. As of now, we should expect Edge to start warning users to install pending updates, and this will be truly helpful when talking about security updates.

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