Assistant with Bard might get a rebrand before its release

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority


  • Google is gearing up to rebrand Assistant with Bard to Bard, according to an app teardown.
  • The teardown suggests that every instance of “Assistant with Bard” will be replaced with “Bard.”

Google announced last year that it was bringing its new Bard AI chatbot to Google Assistant, calling the combined experience Assistant with Bard. Now, new evidence suggests that Google will rebrand Assistant with Bard before its launch.

9to5Google dug into version 15.2 of the Google app and found that the company has renamed Assistant with Bard to Bard. The new name is used on the introduction screen, for starters. Check the screenshots below (old on the left, new on the right), courtesy of the outlet.

The Bard name is also used in other areas of the app, according to the outlet. For example, “Assistant with Bard settings” becomes “Bard settings” while “Assistant with Bard is temporarily unavailable” becomes “Bard is temporarily unavailable.”

Between this rebrand and Google gutting both the Assistant service and the Assistant division itself, the company is moving quickly to position Bard as an Assistant replacement. Here’s hoping Google brings more Assistant features (both present and axed) to the new chatbot.

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