Apple Vision Pro 2 could get brighter RGB OLEDoS displays

Apple Vision Pro

A supply chain report suggests Apple could implement the brighter, more efficient RGB OLEDoS displays in a second-generation Apple Vision Pro due to release in 2027.

The existing Apple Vision Pro set to release in early 2024 uses white OLED plus color filter displays (WOLED+CF). Passing light through a separate filter reduces the amount of brightness available in the final picture.

According to a report from Omdia Outlook provided by The Elec, Apple will shift to the better RGB OLED on Silicon (OLEDoS) in 2027. In RGB OLEDoS, RGB subpixels produce both light and color, so there isn’t any need for a color filter — preserving the overall brightness.

Apple currently relies on Sony for its WOLED+CF displays, which may be a limiting factor in how many Apple Vision Pro units can be shipped. The report suggests RGB OLEDoS doesn’t have much of a supply chain either, with Samsung owning the only company producing panels today, which are used by the US military.

It’s not clear if Omdia has any particular insight on Apple’s supply chain. Regardless, We’re rating this report as likely, given how it aligns with previous predictions and the obvious nature of Apple seeking better, brighter displays.

The 2027 timeframe for Apple Vision Pro 2 lines up with what was previously reported by Ming-Chi Kuo. A low-cost headset was due in 2025, but that may have been canceled entirely as Apple waits for technologies like OLEDoS to improve on its initial product.

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