Ring in 2024 with free Elden Ring, Armored Core New Year’s cards (and possibly merch!)

What you need to know

  • To thank fans for playing its games, Elden Ring and Armored Core 6 developer FromSoftware is sending players New Year’s cards at the end of 2023.
  • You can register to have an Elden Ring or Armored Core 6-themed card emailed to you for free on the event’s homepage, which you’ll find in the text below. These will feature special designs, as well as links to high-quality wallpapers.
  • Folks living in Japan can also get a “New Year’s gift lottery ticket” with their card that gives them a chance to win one of six pieces of exclusive FromSoftware game merch that will only be available through these giveaways.
  • If you’ve never played any FromSoftware’s recent games, note that you can get Sekiro, Elden Ring, and Armored Core 6 for large discounts right now thanks to holiday sales.

The last few years have been a fantastic time to be a FromSoftware fan. Between Game of the Year-winning titles like 2019’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and 2022’s Elden Ring and this year’s Armored Core 6 that rocketed the developer’s niche mecha series into the spotlight, there’s been no shortage of incredible game experiences from the action RPG studio to dive into. And to thank players for doing so while looking forward to the future, FromSoftware is ringing in 2024 with special New Year’s cards.

These will be emailed to fans for free at the end of the year as part of the FromSoftware New Year Card Present Campaign 2024, which you can register for on the event’s official homepage between December 27, 2023 and January 5, 2024. You get to choose between Elden Ring, Armored Core 6, or both games for the style of your card, and a link to downloadable high-quality wallpapers will be included in each one.

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