Venus Chub AI Alternative – 7 Best Chatbot Platforms

If you’re looking for the best Venus Chub AI alternative, you’ve come to the right place.

Venus Chub is a popular AI-powered chatbot platform. However, variety is the spice of life, and the platform can’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

So, in this post, I’ll show you the top seven alternatives you can choose from if you want more options to explore the chatbot space.

But first, let’s take a deeper look at what Venus Chub AI really is.

What Is Venus Chub AI?

Venus Chub AI is an adult-only chatbot platform with over 60,200+ AI-powered NSFW characters. They’re capable of understanding and responding to prompts, using natural or human-like languages.

It uses advanced AI technology and algorithms alongside natural language processing (NLP).

You can customize existing chatbots or create new ones to match your preferences or personality.

Venus Chub AI’s focus on NSFW (not safe for work) content allows its users to get more explicit responses without restrictions or censorship.

How To Choose the Best Venus Chub AI Alternative

Before exploring other alternatives, here are a few factors you first need to consider:

  • Pricing: Venus Chub AI has a limited free plan, which can eventually force users to opt for its premium plans. If this isn’t something you want, you might want to try apps with more features on their free plans.
  • Character database: The best Venus Chub AI alternative should have a huge list of characters, considering that the service has over 60,000 characters in its database.
  • The similarity of features: I tested Venus Chub AI, and it’s loaded with features like chatlogs, lorebooks, and integration with OpenAI and other AI platforms.

Based on these elements, I picked seven great options:

Best 7 Venus Chub AI Alternatives

1. Janitor AI

Janitor AI is a top-notch platform with a vast collection of male and female characters.

You can choose iconic characters and ones that depict your favorite anime or real-life figures. This is an aspect where it trumps Venus Chub AI as the latter only has fictional user-generated bots.

Janitor AI also gives you access to a larger database of 200,000+ characters.

In addition, you’ll get access to other users’ chatlogs and an equally impressive website with an intuitive user interface.

Like Venus Chub, Janitor has a free plan that grants access to more than 9000 characters. It also has a paid plan called Janitor AI Pro for $9.99 monthly. This comes with additional features, such as chat experience and chatbox customization, priority support, and lots more.


  • Offers a wide range of characters to choose from
  • Supports NSFW content
  • Advanced AI-powered technology for real human-like conversations


  • People looking for SFW content may find it uninteresting
  • The user interface isn’t as intuitive
  • Paid plan might be too expensive for certain users

2. Character AI

Character AI

Character AI is another Venus Chub AI alternative that functions as a conversational chatbot.

Like on Venus, you can chat with numerous virtual characters, ask questions about any topic, and get timely and valuable responses.

Character AI also allows you to create your ideal conversation mate based on your preference and your taste. However, Character AI’s chatbots can also engage in SFW conversations.

Like Venus Chub AI, the app offers free and paid plans. The paid plan requires a subscription fee of $9.99 monthly, which allows unrestricted access to all the features.


  • Ability to have human-like conversations
  • Lively and endearing chatbots
  • Fast and responsive replies
  • Offers advanced Creation tool
  • Suitable for writers and employers interested in customer satisfaction


  • Sometimes repetitive
  • Might not have answers to certain questions

3. Harpy AI Harpy AI

Harpy AI is a roleplaying platform that allows users to create virtual characters from different genres like Venus Chub AI does. It offers a high level of character customization.

This makes it a good fit for those who crave a more personalized interaction.

Additionally, it operates without restrictions and censorship just like Venus Chub AI, as it supports NSFW (not safe for work) content.

It also uses OpenAI integrations to boost its storytelling abilities.

However, unlike Venus Chub AI, Harpy AI is totally free to use. Also, you can access all of its features for free.

The only drawback is that the platform uses a virtual queueing system to regulate the number of users on the site at any time. So, when compared to Venus Chub AI, Harpy AI users can experience untold delays before they can access the chatbots.


  • Customizable and personalized experiences
  • User and beginner-friendly interface
  • Supports a low level of NSFW content
  • Captivating storytelling abilities
  • Allows interaction with anime characters and digital celebrities.


  • NSFW content isn’t as intense as with others
  • Long waiting times due to virtual queueing system

4. ChatFAI


Another Venus Chub AI alternative is ChatFAI. This conversational AI platform offers a wide range of characters from different genres ranging from history, literature, television, and more.

This contrasts Venus Chub AI, where you only get fictional SFW and NSFW characters.

Coupled with this, it uses many public characters borrowed from movies and TV shows.

However, ChatFAI’s character library is limited compared to Venus Chub AI’s vast database.

Interestingly, this doesn’t affect ChatFAI’s ability to deliver interesting roleplaying scenarios. This, in addition to the simplistic design of its website, makes it a worthwhile alternative.

Another similarity between both AI platforms is that they offer free and paid subscription plans. However, ChatFAI’s paid plans are divided into 3 categories. The basic plan costs $9 per month, the premium plan costs $29, and the Deluxe subscription costs $59.


  • Character selection and customization
  • Real and immersive conversations
  • Availability of characters from different genres


  • Characters might be inaccurate
  • You can only have one conversation at a time
  • Pricey plans

5. Cleverbot


Cleverbot is a chatbot platform that uses machine learning technology powered by artificial intelligence to have lifelike conversations.

This bot has access to a wide knowledge database. As such, it can provide you with information related to everything and anything, ranging from seeking advice to asking questions to generally just having a chat.

However, it severely lacks in customizability and characters compared to Venus Chub AI. There’s no way to check the character database.

Its website looks very underdeveloped. In contrast, Venus Chub AI’s website looks and feels much better, with easier navigation.

All of these didn’t, however, stop me from enjoying a bit of banter with the AI chatbot.

Cleverbot’s pricing starts at API 10k monthly, which costs $10 per month. It goes as high as API 500k top-up, which costs $400.


  • No restrictions or censorship on NSFW content
  • Saves chat history
  • Allows for a continuation of past conversations
  • User-friendly interface


  • Cleverbot’s language proficiency may differ across languages
  • Minors may access its NSFW content
  • Outdated user interface

6. Crushon AI

Crushon AI

Known for its heightened use of different scenarios and interactions, Crushon AI offers many NSFW characters.

And just like Venus Chub AI, users can check each character and modify them to suit their preferences.

Additionally, you can choose from scenarios ranging from romance, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and many more.

Moreover, you can access its NSFW content for conversations without filters.

When compared to Venus Chub AI, Crushon AI has fewer characters, fewer tags, and fewer features, such as public chat logs. It also lacks the forum feel.

In terms of pricing, it offers free and paid subscriptions, such as:

  • Standard$4.9 per month
  • Premium – $7.9 per month
  • Deluxe – $29.9 per month.


  • Different scenarios based on preferred experiences
  • NSFW content without filters
  • Engaging conversational abilities


  • Lacks a lot of functions that Venus Chub AI has
  • Minors can access NSFW content as there are no means of verifying the age

7. AgnAIstic


AgnAIstic is an open-source chatbot platform that allows you to bring your own AI.

This means you’ll be required to create your own robot after selecting your preferred third-party services.

This lack of ready-made characters is unlike Venus Chub AI, where you can access over 60,000 characters.

Moreover, the Memory Books feature allows users to tell their characters about their worlds. In other cases, the image generation tool can be used to generate a scenario. Venus Chub AI doesn’t have these capabilities.

Additionally, it allows you to engage in captivating conversations by inputting prompts and getting intelligent responses.

In terms of pricing, unlike Venus Chub AI, AgnAIstic AI is open-source. It provides free access to its users.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Fast and responsive chatbots
  • Allows for NSFW content
  • Multiple character conversations simultaneously
  • Character customization


  • Some users complain of a laggy experience


Venus Chub AI is an impressive platform where you can have real-life conversations.

However, not everyone finds it appealing. That’s why I’ve carefully compiled a list of the 7 best apps that might satisfy you if you’re looking for a Venus Chub AI alternative. They’re close enough regarding their features, but they have a unique twist. So, be sure to look through them and choose the one that suits your needs!

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