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The story behind HackerOne’s first anniversary gift for employees

The HackerOnesie instantly became famous the day it was introduced in 2017. Although it has been known to carry magical powers, it is now one of the most sought-after swag items. But you have to be a HackerOne employee. And you have to celebrate your first anniversary. 

Recognizing and celebrating employee milestones, such as work anniversaries, is one of the ways HackerOne shows appreciation and fosters a positive – and fun! – workplace culture. We do love stickers and t-shirts, but nothing welcomes you to this unique club like the HackerOnesie.

It is such a valuable item that we even offered it to Queen Máxima of the Netherlands when she visited San Francisco as part of a three-day tour of the United States. As a Dutch-founded company, HackerOne had the honor of meeting Queen Máxima during a reception hosted by the Netherlands at San Francisco City Hall. As an honorary Hackeronie, she now owns the HackerOnesie.

HackerOne celebrates milestones like anniversaries and promotions on our #h1-milestones Slack channel. We have other anniversary gifts, but something about receiving your HackerOnesie and wearing it during meetings really drives home a special bond with your colleagues. It also keeps you warm on cold days when working from home.

Interested in working for HackerOne? Check out our open roles as we continue to scale the organization. In 2023, HackerOne was named a Best Workplace for Innovators by Fast Company.

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