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The AI Assistant for Vulnerability Intelligence [4 Use Cases]

This week, we have officially launched the beta version of our GenAI co-pilot, Hai. Hai introduces GenAI capabilities into the HackerOne Platform. With deep security knowledge and strong reasoning capabilities, the multilingual co-pilot can provide additional relevant context on vulnerability reports, transform natural language into a filtering query, and use platform data to provide recommendations. 

“Hai has significantly reduced the time my team spends sifting through bug reports or creating responses, allowing us to focus more on resolving and communicating vulnerabilities quickly. ”
— Alexander Hagenah, Head of Cyber Controls, Six Group 

Hai’s benefits for customers include:

1. Generate Powerful Nuclei Templates with Ease

Enhance Nuclei scanner consistency by asking Hai to craft customized templates, improving detection rates and preventing regressions.

2. Synthesize Complex Vulnerability Data

Whether faced with intricate reports or technical details, Hai provides easily understandable explanations of vulnerabilities, enhancing comprehension and analysis.

Hai AI assistant 3. Access Tailored Remediation Advice

Determine the best approach to fixing a vulnerability by analyzing it with Hai and receiving personalized remediation advice.

Hai AI assistant
 4. Improve Hacker Communication

Ask Hai to craft elegant and succinct messages to hackers on your behalf, enhancing collaboration. Hai understands and speaks many different languages, improving dialogue across language barriers.

Hai AI assistant

“Utilizing Hai for translating complex vulnerability findings into remediation advice has been a game changer for us. It bridges the gap between our technical reports and our internal audience, enhancing the value of our HackerOne program by making actionable insights accessible to everyone.”
—  Vice President of Cybersecurity at a Fortune 500 Real Estate Services and Investment Firm

How HackerOne Triage Is Using Hai To Enhance Efficiency 

Hai is becoming an integral part of HackerOne’s triage workflow, helping our industry’s largest in-house analyst team push boundaries and continue to set world-class response times. Security analysts are already consistently using Hai to summarize hacker reports, greatly reducing the time spent on manual tasks, and effectively scaling the triage function at HackerOne.

Traditionally, analysts have spent a lot of time reviewing and closing invalid and duplicate reports, and then explaining that decision. As we further integrate Hai’s excellent reasoning capabilities into the triage process, many of these decisions can be made and justified by Hai. Reports can be screened and enhanced with higher-fidelity metadata by Hai during the submission process, reducing the burden on customers and empowering our analysts to focus on reproducing and remediating the true positives.

HackerOne customers can now test drive to Hai using the platform by navigating to the beta features page and enabling Hai. Future iterations of Hai will be made available to hackers also. 

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