Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta 10.3 delayed due to “regression issue”

Tesla was meant to roll out their Full Self-Driving Beta 10.3 last night, according to a tweet last week by Elon Musk.

Unfortunately, as it seems is increasingly the case, an issue has delayed the roll-out of the software.

Musk reports that beta 10.3 was actually worse than beta 10.2 when it came to the very important left turn at traffic lights. The issue was discovered by internal testing and is currently being fixed.

It is not uncommon for new versions of the self-driving software to be worse than older versions in specific areas, as optimising one area can sometimes result in poorer performance in another.  What is different currently of course is that the software is currently being rolled out more widely, which warrants more caution.

Elon hopes to roll the software out on Sunday, and the roll-out should on this occasion include those with a less than perfect Safety Score, so we should start seeing how it performs very soon.

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