Score 43% off the Anker 100W GaN II Charger

A powerful charger isn’t the most glamorous purchase you’ll ever make — it doesn’t make a romantic gift either. But when you have wires everywhere and several power-hungry devices, it can be a shrewd buy. Anker is making things easier for you at the tail end of the Amazon Big Spring Sale with a huge 43% price drop on the Anker 100W GaN II 3-Port Fast Compact Wall Charger.

Anker 100W GaN II 3-Port Fast Compact Wall Charger for $42.99 ($32 off)

The versatile wall charger has only been cheaper than this once before during the Black Friday sales, and it was only a couple of bucks lower. That means it’s a great opportunity to pick up a charger that was recognized at the 2022 CES Innovation Awards.

Formally called the Anker 736 Charger, the GaN II innovation of the device allows it to operate at double the frequency of its predecessors, leading to a significantly more compact design without compromising power output. It’s equipped to deliver a substantial 100W charge to laptops via its USB-C ports, making it an ideal companion for high-demand devices. It can power three devices simultaneously — such as a MacBook, iPhone, and AirPods — all while being 34% smaller than the traditional 96W MacBook charger. You’re also getting an 18-month warranty and customer service for your peace of mind.

The Amazon Sale is coming to a close, so hit the widget above to learn more about the deal.

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