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Reversing The Trend: Support and Mediation Win as a Team

It was a daunting task, especially considering the target was hovering around 52% at the time. But as the team responsible for supporting our customer and hacker community, they knew it was a challenge worth pursuing.

The journey to improving this target had obstacles. In May 2023, the team was in the midst of transitioning to a new ticketing platform, which required extensive training for the entire team. This transition impacted their performance. The team knew it needed to rethink its approach and move the needle to get closer to the first response target.

So, how did the SaM team do it?

  1. 1Efficiency through innovation: They began by developing knowledge-based articles and canned responses to streamline the workflow and free up time for other improvements. This simple step allowed them to work together with a more collaborative approach.

  2. Building the dream team: Recognizing the need for additional support, they reorganized the support agents into a global-tiered model and hired four new team members. This ensured they had the right people in place to tackle customer and hacker community challenges head-on.

  3. Taking back control: Backlog working sessions were introduced, where the team came together to clear out the queues and refocus efforts. This collaborative approach not only improved the target but also strengthened the team bond.

The results

Since September 2023, they have consistently achieved a 90% or higher target, surpassing 70% for the first time since transitioning to the new ticketing platform. As of today, they have achieved a 95%+ target achievement.

This has been a big win and is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the SaM team. It proves that anything is possible with the right mindset and a willingness to adapt. By living the HackerOne values and being driven by our mission, the SaM team looks forward to continuing to provide a world-class experience for our users and the best support experience in bug bounty programs.

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