Report: Despite public fears, PlayStation lead Jim Ryan ‘doesn’t see Xbox Game Pass as competition

What you need to know

  • The FTC is currently suing to block Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision on the basis of protecting competition in new markets such as game subscription services. 
  • Despite this, a new report suggests that Sony’s Jim Ryan, chief complainant against the deal, doesn’t regard Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service as competition. 
  • Microsoft has offered Sony a ten year deal for Call of Duty, something PlayStation declined to respond to. 

A new report from Insider Gaming suggests that PlayStation lead Jim Ryan’s private opinion of Xbox Game Pass is at odds with his public one. 

Sony PlayStation is Microsoft’s primary competitor in the console space, and they are among the only companies to publicly and privately complain to global regulators about Microsoft’s deal to purchase Activision Blizzard. Call of Duty exclusivity is often cited as the main reason PlayStation is supposedly “afraid” of the deal, despite the fact Microsoft has offered a contract for an unprecedented 10-year guarantee to provide Call of Duty to PlayStation, alongside Nintendo and Steam PC platforms. 

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