Only 1% of Netflix subscribers are playing games on the service

At this point, nearly two years into its endeavor to break into mobile game streaming, only 1% of Netflix subscribers are taking advantage of Netflix Games.

While this isn’t as paltry as it may first appear—that’s 1% of a 250 million member subscriber base, or about 2.2 million subscribers—it’s still likely less than Netflix is hoping for. Especially given that Netflix has upped its offerings to 77 games at the time of this writing. Among them: Sonic Prime Dash, Oxenfree II: Lost Signals and more.

Sonic Prime Dash

At this point, these game offerings are limited to the Netflix mobile app on Android and iOS, which is likely a major reason why more Netflix members haven’t warmed up to the game service. That platform limitation is almost certain to change in the not-too-distant future however, as Netflix has begun beta testing its cloud gaming service that will bring Netflix Games to TVs or computer monitors, with a dedicated smartphone app serving as controller.

The Netflix Games service (and that’s just what it is considering its completely free of additional charge for members) is part of a push for the streaming giant to diversity its offerings.

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