MultiVersus embraces the competitive side of platform fighters

I’m a massive fan of platform fighters. In fact, I consider Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to be the greatest fighting game of all time. What started as an absurd multiplayer novelty on the N64 has blossomed into a prominent sub-genre with a fierce online community of competitive players. The ingenious marriage of simplistic pick-up-and-play controls and deceptively deep strategic combat popularized by Nintendo’s premiere fighter has even spawned a myriad of clones and competitors.   

From Brawlhalla to Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, there have been numerous attempts to recapture and refine the Super Smash Bros. magic. I’ve essentially played them all to chase that euphoric platform fighter dragon. Unfortunately, most of these efforts haven’t felt as polished or fluid as the franchise that inspired them. But to my surprise, a new challenger has entered the ring and managed to do the seemingly impossible, meaningfully embrace platform fighters’ competitive side.  

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