Leaked Designs Reveal Apple Car As Minivan Concept

The much-anticipated Apple Car project, known as Project Titan, was officially scrapped by Apple, disappointing tech enthusiasts worldwide. However, leaked design information sheds light on what could have been. Contrary to expectations of a sleek, futuristic design, Apple was reportedly working on a minivan-inspired electric vehicle (EV), drawing inspiration from iconic vehicles like the Volkswagen Microbus.

Initially conceptualized by renowned designer Jony Ive, the first design iteration of the Apple Car resembled a modern interpretation of the classic Volkswagen microbus, earning the nickname “Bread Loaf” internally at Apple. Subsequent designs retained elements of this aesthetic, with later versions closely resembling the 2017 Volkswagen ID Buzz prototype.

A Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle shows what we could’ve expected of the 2020 Apple car. (Image: Canoo)

In its final stages, the Apple Car’s design resembled the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle, featuring rounded edges and gull-wing doors. The interior design aimed for minimalism and spaciousness, potentially incorporating amenities like integrated TVs or iPads for entertainment and a sophisticated air conditioning system.

Apple executives, including CEO Tim Cook, reportedly favored the final design, but despite enthusiasm internally, the project was ultimately terminated. The design revelations provide insight into Apple’s vision for an electric vehicle, showcasing a departure from traditional automotive design norms. However, with the cancellation of Project Titan, the public is left to ponder what could have been Apple’s foray into the automotive industry.

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