iPad mini 7 may only get a new chip in spec-bump update

iPad mini 6

Apple’s update to the iPad mini 7 may not be a massive change from the iPad mini 6, claims a leaker, with only a change to the chip now expected.

The last update to the iPad mini was in September 2021, with an update to the seventh generation a possibility for Apple in the coming months. However, if a leaker is correct, there may not be that much change on the horizon for the pint-sized tablet.

In a Tuesday tweet by @Tech_Reve about the iPad mini 7, “supposedly only the AP changed from iPad mini 6.” The AP refers to the Application Processor, or in this case, the A15 Bionic chip used in the sixth-generation iPad mini.

If taken at face value, that would infer the next release could be simply a spec-bump update, rather than a larger refinement or overhaul in design.

The leaker further adds that the iPad mini 7 “still doesn’t have 120Hz” for the display. Since the ProMotion system that can enable 120Hz is limited to the iPad Pro lineup, this isn’t entirely unsurprising.

While there are still some questions about Tech_Reve’s accuracy, the rumors about an iPad mini update in late 2023 or early 2024 certainly help their position. Add in that a spec bump update isn’t entirely out of the ordinary for Apple, and it seems a fairly likely proposition.

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