How to make a good video ad script

Crafting a compelling video ad script for mobile games isn’t just about enticing visuals—it’s about sparking curiosity, tapping into emotions, and compelling action within a short timeframe. In the dynamic realm of mobile gaming, where attention spans are fleeting and competition is fierce, a well-crafted script holds the power to captivate an audience, making your game stand out in a sea of options.

Choose the message

Selecting the right message for your video ad is a pivotal decision that can make or break the success of your mobile game campaign. In the fast-paced world of mobile gaming, where users are bombarded with countless options, capturing attention swiftly is imperative. The message you convey becomes the heartbeat of your video ad, influencing whether users will engage, download, and, most importantly, continue to play your game.

The initial moments of a video ad are critical, often determining whether a viewer will continue watching or scroll past. Choosing a message that resonates immediately with your target audience is paramount. It could be a unique selling proposition (USP), a compelling feature, or tapping into the emotions associated with the gaming experience. This early connection sets the tone for the rest of the ad, shaping user perceptions and fostering interest.

Clarity is another key factor when choosing your message. Mobile users have limited time and patience; a clear and concise message ensures that your audience understands the value proposition quickly. Whether it’s highlighting the excitement of gameplay, showcasing unique in-game features, or promoting special offers, clarity in your message eliminates confusion and encourages users to take the desired action.

Moreover, the chosen message should align seamlessly with your game’s brand and identity. Consistency builds trust, and users are more likely to engage with content that feels authentic to the essence of the game. Whether your game is known for its competitive edge, immersive storytelling, or innovative features, the ad’s message should amplify and reinforce these qualities.

In essence, the message serves as the compass guiding users through the narrative of your mobile game. It’s not just about conveying information; it’s about creating an emotional connection that resonates with your target audience. It will also impact the way you communicate in the ad: the vocabulary you use, the rhythm, the tone, and the imagery. 

 A well-chosen message transforms a video ad from a fleeting moment on a screen to a compelling story that leaves a lasting impression, encouraging players to not only download your game but to become long-term enthusiasts. The message is the anchor that grounds your video ad, making it an indispensable element in the art of crafting a successful mobile game campaign.

Show the right side of your app

Individual preferences and interests vary widely, making it crucial to meticulously define the target audience for your ad. In certain cases, apps or games may cater to multiple demographics, each with distinct user personas. Consequently, a pivotal decision arises: should you opt for a broad ad with universal appeal, or tailor a specific video for each target audience?

It’s essential to recognize that for a video ad to be truly effective, it should convey a singular, clear message. Ideally, crafting separate videos for diverse target audiences would be the most efficient approach, allowing for precision and resonance with each user category. However, practical constraints might pose challenges. Time constraints, for instance, could impede the creation of multiple videos, especially if there’s urgency in launching the ad. Similarly, budget considerations may restrict the ability to produce several distinct videos.

While dedicating a unique video to each target audience is the ideal scenario, there are pragmatic compromises. In instances where time or budgetary limitations exist, a thoughtful strategy may involve creating a general ad that resonates broadly while still being mindful of diverse user preferences. Striking this balance is essential to ensure that your video ad maximizes its impact, whether by targeting specific demographics individually or by creating a versatile message that resonates universally.

Set a precise goal

No matter how many plans you have for a video ad and how everyone wishes that one video could be powerful enough to reach everyone and convert them, you need to decide on a specific goal for your ad. Depending on the end goal, your video, and your script will differ

Do you wish to boost your visibility, work on your branding, boost downloads, promote a specific feature, play on seasonality, etc. This is not just about choosing the right CTA for your video, but ensuring coherence throughout the entire creative process. 

Knowing where you will show your video ad is also essential. Will it be a social media campaign? If so, you will need to tailor it to more specific needs and visual demands. Likewise, a video that works on TikTok will not work for Google Ads.

Standing out from the crowd

In such a competitive landscape, staying ahead necessitates a keen awareness of what the competition is doing. Crafting a video ad script that stands out demands a comprehensive understanding of the current market trends, competitor strategies, and user expectations. Here’s why keeping an eye on the competition is pivotal:

Firstly, analyzing competitors provides valuable insights into industry benchmarks and best practices. Understanding what works and what doesn’t in similar products helps in shaping a more informed and effective video ad script. It allows for the identification of USPs and opportunities to differentiate.

Moreover, studying competitors enables the avoidance of clichés and overused tropes. A distinct and memorable video ad script often emerges from breaking away from the conventional, and awareness of competitor content prevents unintentional replication. It’s about finding a fresh perspective that captures attention amidst the noise of similar offerings.

Observing competitor strategies also aids in identifying gaps or shortcomings in the market that your app or game can uniquely address. This knowledge becomes a foundation for constructing a script that highlights the specific features or benefits that set your product apart, resonating with users seeking something different.

Furthermore, understanding competitor messaging helps in defining a unique tone and style for your script. Whether it’s injecting humor, invoking emotions, or adopting a straightforward approach, a script that stands out is one that aligns with the distinctive voice of the brand while remaining distinct from competitors.

A need for structure

You can’t go into script-writing blind. Some things are essential and will get you far.

The first step is to have a good hook, this is what will drive attention to your ad and keep viewers interested. It needs to be memorable enough and dynamic. This is the heart of your video, everything relies on having a hook that will keep users entertained.

However, you can’t forget about your core message, your video needs to be enjoyable but it should also carry out its intended purpose. Use short and clear sentences, to ensure no misunderstanding. Everything needs to be easily understood and straightforward, there’s no time to lose. 

Then your outro needs to direct your users to where you want them: store badges if you want them to download your app, a link to your website if that’s where you need them to go, etc. This is where you tell them with visuals and a CTA what action you want them to take. 


Crafting a compelling video ad script is an art that goes beyond words—it’s about understanding your audience, tapping into emotions, and conveying a message that resonates. From the opening scene to the closing frame, every element should work harmoniously to capture attention, evoke curiosity, and prompt action. In the world of mobile apps and games, where competition is fierce and attention spans are fleeting, a well-crafted script serves as the linchpin that can elevate your ad from a fleeting moment on a screen to a memorable experience.

Tailor your message to your specific audience, addressing their needs and aspirations. Embrace the visual storytelling potential of video to showcase your app’s unique features and benefits. Above all, be strategic in your approach, recognizing that each word contributes to the overall impact of your ad.

Here’s to crafting video ad scripts that not only tell stories but create experiences, ensuring that your brand stands out in the bustling digital landscape. And if you need help, we’re here to guide you on this journey!

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