Hit the Road in the Beautiful Racing Game Art of the Rally

The top-down racer celebrates the golden age of rally as you’ll travel to locations like Finland, Sardinia, Norway, Japan, Kenya, and Indonesia.

You can race in a host of vintage cards from the 1960s to 80s.

To begin the game, you can truly customize the racing experience that’s best for you. You can race in manual or automatic transmission and change the percentage of stability assist or anti-lock braking.

There are a number of modes to play in the game. Along with a comprehensive Career Mode, Time Attack allows you to race for the fastest possible time. Custom Rally lets you create the perfect rally and select the location, number of stage, AI difficulty, and damage level.

Head online to compete in a daily and weekly challenge.

For inexperience racers, you can also choose Free Roam to explore the different stages and get the hang of the natural and well-designed control system.

And to show off you driving skills, or anything else in the game, there is even an integrated Photo and Replay mode. You’ll definitely want to enjoy the scenery along with the driving action. At 60fps on my iPhone 14 Pro Max, the game looks wonderful.

For the iPhone and all iPad models, Art of the Rally is a $4.99 download on the App Store now.

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