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Heads Up Hackers: An Update from Our Mediation Team

Evolving the HackerOne Support Experience

We are excited to announce that, after many years of using ZenDesk as a Support ticketing tool, HackerOne is moving to Freshdesk.

What is Freshdesk? 

Our new ticketing platform! Freshdesk is a user engagement solution allowing HackerOne to scale its customer & hacker support to manage our customers as the company grows more efficiently. 

Why is HackerOne moving away from ZenDesk?

  • Deeper reporting insights: Freshdesk will provide Support & Mediation leadership with critical insights into customer & hacker trends, efficiency metrics, and more, so we can focus more on improving the customer & hacker experience with Support. 
  • Ability to Filter Out Noise: Advanced filtering will reduce the amount of time our Support team spends working through Spam tickets, freeing up more time to focus on real hacker & customer issues that matter.
  • A custom Support portal: With Freshdesk, you may contact HackerOne from the Portal,, directly instead of via a Support email.

What does this mean for you? 

When Support or Mediation assistance is needed, hackers & customers can now request assistance conveniently from within the HackerOne Support Portal. There, you’ll be able to narrow down the issue you require assistance with so that we can get your concern to the correct team more efficiently and resolve your issue quicker. Once your first ticket is submitted via the portal, you can track questions submitted and their current status. (Note: Your first request will trigger a message for you to verify and create a portal account to view open and resolved requests) 

Request Support or Mediation Assistance via the HackerOne Support Portal here,

We are always looking to improve our processes & tooling. If you have feedback to provide about our new ticketing tool, please submit a Support request via the Portal under Feedback.

Happy Hacking! 🙌



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