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H1 Community Team: Your Hacker Allies


Jessica Sexton, Director of Community (Twitter/LinkedIn)

“I am excited to build a team and strategic programs that focus on human connection, growth, and personalized experiences on our platform!”

Hi friends! I’m Jessica, Director of the amazing Community Team at HackerOne. I’ve been in the cybersecurity field for 7+ years. Prior to joining H1 three years ago, I worked at a boutique security consultancy overseeing an overarching portfolio of diverse industries and assessment types. I’ve had an extensive career in a number of industries, always focusing on strategic program excellence. 

I’m a deep midwesterner at heart, thriving in a region with chaotic and unpredictable seasons, fireflies, a pension for baked goods and excessive use of ranch dressing. I’m a mom of energetic kids, dogs, and the occasional duck. I have passion for good food and good wine and thrive on being outdoors –  you may find me sneaking in a meeting or two from a trail or boat now and again. 

I oversee strategy and the growth of the amazing team that manages our global hacker community, ensuring that we are providing continual value to our hackers and consistently accelerating. 

I’m beyond proud and grateful to lead a team of allstars; I can’t wait for you to see all the things we have in store for you this year!

Ariel Garcia, Sr. Manager of Community Operations (Twitter/LinkedIn)


I want to build the biggest and best hacker community ever! Providing opportunities to those that don’t always have them.

¡Hola amigos y amigas!

My name is Ariel Garcia, I’m a Sr. Manager for community operations at HackerOne. I started my career at HackerOne in 2018 after helping organize a Live Hacking event in my city, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have been working as a pentester for 7+ years and I have been doing bug bounty since 2018.

I have been working on many different things since joining HackerOne, but my overall goal has always been the same – providing the community with more opportunities to learn, make money and grow professionally. Currently, my main focus is on our pentester community and our ambassador program.

Being from Latin America prepares you for the unknown and the unpredictable, and this grants you a different perspective. It also makes some of us feel more thankful for having opportunities that are not always presented to us. I hope we can keep presenting more hackers around the world with more great opportunities to succeed in your hacker journey.

I want you to be successful in bug bounties, pentest and/or learning whatever new skill you want to learn. If you have a question about the ambassador program, or how to start in bug bounties or doing pentest I’m your guy.

Best of luck, and Happy Hacking!

Caitlin Allison, Community Program Manager, Live Hacking Events (Twitter/LinkedIn)


I want to build a program that showcases and highlights our researchers, while providing a unique VIP experience.

Hey ya’ll! I’m Caitlin and I am the Community Program Manager managing Live Hacking Events! I have been at HackerOne since summer of 2021. The majority of my background is in sports and entertainment. I’ve gone  from working for the New York Knicks, to planning events at the New Orleans SuperDome.

I landed in the tech world a few years ago and haven’t looked back! In my spare time, I love trying new food and having adventures, especially in new places. I consider myself a “YES MAN” and am always down to make memories! I have an adorable 80 pound lap dog named Biscuit, who is the best 2020 decision I made when I adopted him. 

I work with you. Whether you’re the researcher, our customer, and our internal HackerOne team. Together, we will build out our live hacking events. So, I’ll see you at the kick-off!

My goal is to help create an engaging live hacking event experience for all our participants. I want everyone to walk away with new experiences, valuable feedback and amazing memories. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing team here at HackerOne and am here to support all things live hacking events!

Nicole Roseberry, Field Marketing Manager, Events (Twitter/LinkedIn)


I love creating experiences and memories for hackers through events, partnerships, and amazing swag!

Hi there! My name is Nicole Roseberry and I am the field marketing manager on HackerOne’s community team. I plan all the behind the scenes logistics for live hacking events, create amazing swag for hackers, and run our community sponsorship program.

In my spare time I enjoy going on cruises, playing the occasional video game, and entertaining my energetic Australian Shepherd, and you might even spot me occasionally on the HackerOne Twitch channel.

I can’t wait to share more about our academics sponsorship series and how we are going to build our community from a university and school standpoint. I have been in marketing and event planning my entire career and love thinking creatively and creating memories for event attendees. Questions about Live hacking event logistics, swag ideas, or would like HackerOne to sponsor your upcoming event for the community- I will be your go to!

Harley Kimball, Technical Community Manager, Assessments (Twitter/LinkedIn)


I love hacking things and providing opportunities for others to reach their goals!

Yo! I’m Harley, based out of Portland OR. I’ve been an Sysadmin, IT Manager, SOC Manager, Pentester, and am now helping manage our pentesting community with H1 Assessments! I’m also a content creator on YouTube, creating videos about cybersecurity and various hacking tutorials. 

My hope for my work at HackerOne is to make our pentest community the largest and best community there is so that we can provide additional opportunities for hackers around the world! 

Want to learn how to get started in ethical hacking? Want to learn how to become a pentester for HackerOne? Want to chat about a cool project you’re working on? Hit me up!

Jesse Rivera, Community Manager – Content Strategy   (Twitter/LinkedIn)


I want to bring more hackers into the creative process. My ultimate goal is to have a community that creates together!

Hey hey, I’m Jesse – your friendly neighborhood Content Strategist! From what I know, the term “Hack” came from early MIT students being crafty and getting soda machines to cough up free drinks. But – that’s not us, in-fact, the culture has evolved from then, to the curious questions posed to the 2600 zine, to discussing bug reports in signal group chats. I’ve loved every step of the culture, so I developed a career writing about it.

I previously worked at There, I concentrated on my passion for advocating and sharing stories about the pentesters working in the Core. At HackerOne, I hope to learn more about all of you and get the opportunity to share your story. But what does my role here involve?

Content Strategy can be a somewhat vague word. It lives somewhere between being an editor, a project manager, and a researcher. First and foremost, I want to provide information that serves a form of utility for you as a hacker. Whether that is singing your praises for hard work you put in, or broadcasting information that helps you develop on your career path.

My vision is to build out more content, but invite new ways to interact and participate yourself. I believe everyone has something they can create that provides value to this community. I want to create a platform that allows you to do that.

I’m always here to help you out in your creative endeavors! 

Chad Chalker, Sr. Hacker Success Manager (Twitter/LinkedIn)


I want to create the best experience possible for hackers to reach their full potential on HackerOne and within the hacker community!

Hey! I’m Chad and I’ve been with H1 since July 2021. I started as a Customer Success Manager, and now I’m a Hacker Success Manager! I could not be more thrilled to be working with the incredible hacker community we have here at H1!

I look forward to working closely with the hackers on our platform and getting to know their personal and professional goals to ensure they have the best experience possible on H1. Previous to HackerOne, I worked in humanitarian operations, advocating for emergency needs and programming in east Africa and the Middle East.

If you’re a hacker and have questions about our platform, ideas on making it a better experience for hackers or how to grow your skills to reach new heights within the hacking community – drop me a line and would love to chat!

Steve Hernandez, Sr. Hacker Success Manager, Community (LinkedIn)


Excited to help build a Hacker Success team that empowers and equips our hackers to excel and meet their goals on and off platform.

Hi! My name is Steve Hernandez, and I am a newly minted, Sr. Hacker Success Manager. I’ve spent a significant portion of my career working on the front lines of customer service, leadership, and have also built successful businesses with my wife, Tiffany. 

Most recently, I spent the last ten months in an Enterprise Customer Success Management role supporting our wonderful, H1 clients. 
I’ve now been given the privilege, along with my colleague, Chad, and our fearless leader, Jessica, to launch the newly formed Hacker Success Management team. I’m ecstatic for the opportunity to continue to be a champion and advocate for our hacker community, this time by working directly with hackers.

I am also looking forward to partnering with internal team members to continue to drive and create an amazing hacking experience. We know that HackerOne as a whole, will only be able to grow at the rate at which our hacking community grows, we’re therefore excited to be an additional point of advocacy for hackers.

As we continue to flesh this new team out, we look forward to connecting with you and learning about your experiences with H1 and how we can continue to iterate and improve upon them. If you ever need help with forging great partnerships with the client program managers you deal with through HackerOne, or simply need perspective on a difficult communication with a client program manager, please feel free to send me a note, I’m always happy to chat. I believe that great relationships lead to great business outcomes.


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