Fully Functional Wooden Tesla Cybertruck Built In 100 Days

A fully functional wooden Tesla Cybertruck has been meticulously crafted from scratch in just 100 days by a father-and-son team known for their YouTube channel, ND – Woodworking Art. In stark contrast to Elon Musk’s history of production delays, this remarkable wooden version of the Tesla Cybertruck was assembled swiftly and is intended for Musk himself — However, the wooden creation is currently retained by the creators for day-to-day use.

The video documenting this impressive endeavor showcases the adept father initiating the project by constructing a metal frame for the Tesla Cybertruck. He meticulously welds the frame components, attaches the wheels, and tests the tires, progressively giving form to the vehicle. Subsequently, he adds the distinctive geometric roof frames, which define the Cybertruck’s iconic appearance.

The wooden components are then carefully pieced together, following the underlying metal framework. For the interior, the father, who is the design lead for ND – Woodworking Art, lines the inside with dark-polished wood, creating a puzzle-like assembly. The exterior features light-shaded wood, unmistakably identifying the wooden Tesla Cybertruck as a unique creation.

The labor-intensive process involves cutting, trimming, and sizing the wooden parts, yet the father’s dedication makes it seem almost effortless. As the wooden parts accumulate, the father proceeds to fit wooden rims to the wheels, carving and detailing the spokes. He installs wooden doors, crafting bucket-seat-style wooden seats, and meticulously polishes the wood until he reaches the arcade-style steering wheel. The attention to detail is extraordinary.

A bright LED light strip is installed at the front inlet, mimicking the design of the original Tesla Cybertruck. To pay homage to Elon Musk, the father carves a large ‘X,’ signifying Twitter’s new name under Musk’s leadership, and coats it in white paint to create a glowing effect. The finishing touches are added, and the video concludes with the father and son enjoying a ride in their fully functional wooden Tesla Cybertruck.

Not stopping at the Cybertruck, the father also constructs a wooden Tesla Cyberquad for his son, demonstrating remarkable craftsmanship and dedication. The father expresses his admiration for Musk’s vision and Tesla’s capabilities in the video’s description and hopes to gift the wooden Cybertruck to Elon Musk and Tesla.

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