Brother, can you spare a dime: Apple CEO Tim Cook got a 36% pay cut in 2023

“Once I built an Apple Watch, I made it run / Made it race against time / Once I built an Apple Watch, now it’s done / Brother, can you spare a dime?” Could Apple CEO, Tim Cook, possibly be singing this slightly altered verse to himself, which is from the song “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?” (a Broadway song written by lyricist Yip Harburg and composer Jay Gorney in the 1930s) in response to news that in 2023 he had a 36% pay cut? 

Not likely. Although it’s true that Tim Cook’s annual compensation package dropped to $63.2 million, from $99.4 million during the 2022 fiscal year, according to the Hollywood Reporter, he’s still doing pretty well. After all, he’s reportedly worth almost $2 billion (or $1.9 billion, according to Business Insider). 

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