Belkin is making a battery clip accessory for Apple Vision Pro

Belkin is going to sell one of the first official accessories for Apple Vision Pro, a clip attachment for the headset’s battery pack. Via Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the Belkin battery clip will go on sale alongside the Vision Pro launch on February 2, and be available in Apple retail stores.

The clip will let customers attach the Vision Pro battery to their clothing, if they don’t have a handy pocket or bag.

The Apple Vision Pro headset is a standalone device, but it is not wireless. To reduce the weight of the headset itself, the Vision Pro battery is external and connects to the headset via a magnetic mechanism. The user is expected to carry the battery on them while in use. The Vision Pro does not work without the battery connected.

During development, Apple engineers were concerned that this design would alienate some customers. For instance, women wearing dresses may not have a convenient pocket available to hold the battery while using the headset.

A clip accessory appears to be one potential solution for customers facing that problem.

It is common for Apple to work with partners like Belkin and Logitech to make important accessories for its products, but it does not want to make itself, and the Vision Pro battery clip is a great example of that.

Apple Vision Pro goes up for preorder beginning this Friday, January 19. The first units start shipping to customers on February 2nd. The device is priced at $3499 for a 256 GB model.

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