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Announcing the HackerOne Brand Ambassadors

HackerOne Brand Ambassadors are leaders who have a passion to bring the community together in their local city or region. We are excited to announce the first group of ambassadors who were chosen because of their natural passion for hacking and building community. Whether they’re an avid bug bounty hunter, participating in pentests, or finding flags on the Hacker101 CTF, they also demonstrate the behavior and the excitement we want to see reflected in the community. Thanks to everyone who applied to be an ambassador. We received many amazing applications, including over 80 applicants with 15 virtual interviews. The decision was hard to make, but in the end, we selected seven hackers who stood out among all of the amazing candidates! 

Without further introduction, we present you with the first group of HackerOne Brand ambassadors. 

As a Brand Ambassador, these leaders will run their local clubs representing their city bringing the community together once a quarter. If you’re a hacker in any of these cities or you are close by, you’re eligible to join these clubs and be a part of the growing community. You will have the opportunity to meet lifelong friends and expand your professional network, and of course, collaborate and hack together!

With the ambassador’s program, we want to encourage people to get together in the four main regions, North America, Latin America, EMEA, and APAC. We plan on expanding this program to even more ambassadors in many more countries and cities around the world. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements for the future application period if you’re interested in becoming the next HackerOne Brand Ambassador for your region. 

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] for more information!

Thanks for reading and happy hacking!

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