Android Developers Blog: #WeArePlay | Meet Solape and Yomi from Nigeria. More stories from around the world

Posted by Leticia Lago, Developer Marketing

We continue to be inspired by the amazing #WeArePlay stories of app and game creators on Google Play, from all corners of the Earth. This month, hear about a game changing financial app for women in Nigeria to an early learning platform that uses augmented reality.

First up, we’re in Nigeria where two former colleagues at an investment bank, Solape and Yomi, channeled their economic expertise into improving women’s accessibility to finance. HerVest is an app exclusively designed for farmers and small business owners, with saving and investment tips, financial education and credit options. Intent on improving gender equality in the financial sphere, the pair plan to reach a million women by the end of 2024 and “become the go-to financial platform for the financially underserved in Africa”.

#WeArePlay Juliana BLW Social Singapore Google Play

Now we’re crossing the ocean into maritime Singapore, where native Brazilian Juliana launched her baby-led weaning app, BLW Meals. When her firstborn was 6 months old, she struggled to transition her onto solid foods. Unable to find adequate resources in her mother language, Portuguese, she decided to make her own platform, sharing everything she’d learned. Today, she’s overjoyed by how much the app – also offered in Spanish and English – has supported other moms through their weaning journey. Soon, she’s launching a new feature for chatting directly with nutritionists, ensuring parents always have an expert on hand to guide them.

#WeArePlay Harry & Luke Visible London, United Kingdom Google Play

Next, we’re heading over to the UK to meet mechanical engineer Harry, who’s on a mission to revolutionize perceptions around energy-limiting health conditions. When he got sick with long Covid after a mild infection in 2020, his ability to do the wild, athletic activities he once enjoyed – like cycling across Iceland – was no longer on the cards. Disappointed by the lack of treatment options, he decided to create a health monitoring app, partnering up with friend and tech lawyer Luke to make it happen. On Visible, patients are empowered to track and monitor their symptoms and activity levels. The anonymized data is also used by medical researchers to improve understanding and treatment options, feeding into Harry’s larger goal of “working to change health policy laws to recognize these conditions”.

#WeArePlay Ilan, Nastassja & Edison Pleiq Santiago, Chile Google Play

Finally, we’re heading to Chile, South America, to meet brothers Ilan and Edison and their friend Nastassja. A veritable dream team, the trio began their tech careers running an augmented reality advertisement agency in their native Venezuela. But when they saw how much kids loved their commercials, they decided to instead use their AR skills to develop an education platform for children. After being offered a place on an accelerator program, they moved to Chile to launch PleIQ – an immersive, early learning app for kids aged 3-8. Next, they’re expanding across Latin America with the goal of “improving education quality to create a more equal society”.

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