AI is the must-have upgrade that Siri needs, and it needs it now

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There’s no other way to say it – right now, Siri sucks. Ask Chat GPT something like “explain quantum computing in simple terms”, and you get an actual answer. Ask Siri and you get the standard, “I found this on the web”, response. All Siri does is show you links to websites related to what you wanted to know, rather than answer the question itself. It’s always done this, but it’s only since the rise of AI chatbots, like Chat GPT, that this is starting to feel a bit old fashioned. 

OK, Siri does do some useful stuff very well, like starting timers, or scheduling reminders, and when it launched in 2011 this was all pretty groundbreaking stuff. The problem is that more than 10 years have passed now since that launch and things have moved on — while for the most part Siri has stood still. The rise of AI chatbots like Chat GPT have shown what’s really possible with modern man/machine interactions. Suddenly Siri is looking a bit long in the tooth.

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