5 iPhone accessories I can’t live without

Apple iPhones offer some of the best smartphones you can buy in 2024. Whether you have the latest iPhone 15 or an older model, chances are you’re loving your iPhone’s user experience. However, what truly takes the iPhone experience to the next level is its accessory ecosystem. While there are plenty of accessories available in the market, there are some accessories you simply can’t do without. Here, we have compiled a list of must-have iPhone accessories that will get you the most out of your device.


iPhones are expensive, and you’d want to safeguard your investment. The first step I take when unboxing a new iPhone is to put it into a case. A case not only protects your iPhone device from everyday damage but also provides added protection against accidental drops. Now, when it comes to cases, there are plenty of options in the market. Rugged cases, like those from Supcase, provide the best overall protection, safeguarding your device from drops of up to 15 feet while offering other features like built-in screen protectors and kickstands.

On the other hand, if you’d like a case that doesn’t add a lot of bulk to your device and still showcases your iPhone’s design, consider a thin clear case or a silicone option. Some cases even offer extra features like cardholders, holding grips, or belt holsters. If you want to choose the best case that suits your needs, check out our guide on selecting the best case for you. Meanwhile, here are some of our top picks for iPhone cases:

  • SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Mag (iPhone 15)

    Promoted Pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    A rendition of the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro, the UB Pro Mag has the same capabilities as the standard version but with the added compatibility with MagSafe accessories. It has built-in screen protection, a kickstand, and a belt holster attachment.

  • pbi-Pitaka (iPhone 15 Pro)

    Pitaka (iPhone 15 Pro)

    The Pitaka case is made of aramid fibers, and it’s available in three stylish designs. It’s slim, lightweight, and supports MagSafe accessories and chargers. It’s thin, and it improves the grip of the device, making it more ergonomic and comfortable in your hands.

  • PBI MUJJO Leather Case (iPhone 15)

    MUJJO Leather Case (iPhone 15)

    Made from gold-rated leather, the MUJJO Leather Case is a simple yet graceful accessory with minimal branding. It features metal accent buttons that provide great tactile feedback while adding an aspect of classiness. A raised bezel around the camera bump and a microfiber lining on the inside further add to the protective nature of the case.

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Screen Protector

Even though most modern iPhones feature a ceramic shield on the front, the screen can still wear down over time. Whether it’s from everyday use, carrying it in your pocket or purse, or the occasional (accidental) drop, your iPhone’s display is vulnerable. That’s where screen protectors come in handy. Pairing a screen protector with a case ensures your iPhone stays safe, and your investment lasts longer.

And you’d be surprised to know that modern screen protectors are engineered so much that they can absorb impacts, preventing your screen from cracking or damaging. While some also offer other features like oleophobic coatings to resist fingerprints and smudges, a privacy shield to protect your display from prying eyes, or even blue light filtering for eye protection. With that in mind, check out some of our favorite iPhone screen protectors:

  • esr tempered glass iphone 15

    ESR Tempered Glass Screen And Lens Protector For iPhone 15

    $10 $14 Save $4

    Another reliable option is this tempered glass screen protector from ESR. It provides strong protection for your screen, protecting it from up to 33lb and also features 2.5D curved edge to ensure a smooth touch. You get three in a pack, and there’s also a camera lens protector included.

  • spigen-iphone-15-and-plus-tempered-glass-screen-protector-2-pack

    Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 15

    $17 $35 Save $18

    Spigen makes some of the best iPhone accessories, and if you need a reliable two-pack of tempered glass screen protectors for your iPhone 15 or 15 Plus, this is an excellent pick. They even include an installation kit to make applying them quick and effortless.

  • qhohq-privacy-iphone-15-plus-screen-protector-3-pack Large

    QHOHQ Privacy iPhone 15 Plus Screen Protector 3 Pack

    If you want a screen protector that not only offers display protection but also from prying eyes, this QHOHQ three-pack has you covered. It’s a dependable tempered glass screen protector that also offers privacy. Plus, it includes a camera lens protector in the package.

Charging Adapter

It’s 2024 and Apple no longer includes a charging adapter with the iPhone. The last iPhone to offer a charger in the box was the iPhone 11, and since then, users have needed to buy a charging adapter separately for their phone. And while MagSafe wireless charging seems convenient, the best (and the fastest) way to juice up your iPhone remains wired charging. For iPhone 12 and newer models, you’ll need a charger with at least 20W for fast charging. To ensure your iPhone stays powered up whenever you need it, here are some of the best chargers available for your device.

  • Anker-Nano-3-PBI-1

    Anker Nano 3

    $20 $23 Save $3

    Anker 511 Nano 3 is the compact charger to pack into your backpack when heading on a trip. It offers 30W USB-C fast charging and even supports PPS. The charger is available in multiple colors for your iPhone too!

  • UGREEN 30W USB C pbi Background Removed

    UGREEN 30W USB-C Charger

    Another great option is the UGREEN 30W USB-C Charger. It is compact, powerful and supports iPhone fast charging. This charger also includes an upgraded GaN II chip, foldable plug design, and Thermal Guard technology for real-time protection. Similar to the Anker Nano 3, this charger can also power up your MacBook.

  • PBI Apple 20W Adapter

    Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter

    $15 $19 Save $4

    The 20W USB-C Adapter from Apple is the default accessory to get for iPhone. It features a simple build while offering reliability and performance that not every option on the market can match.


Best iPhone accessories in 2024

Here are the best accessories for your iPhone, including USB-C chargers, Lightning cables, cases, MagSafe accessories, power banks, and much more.

Wireless Earphones

When I’m on the move, earphones serve as a savior. Wireless earbuds not only let me enjoy music on the fly but also handle calls and minimize background noise. While Apple’s own AirPods are tailored mode for iPhone — thanks to their seamless integration within the whole ecosystem — there are numerous other wireless earphones worth considering. Take, for instance, the Nothing Ear 2 earbuds, which deliver impressive sound quality and features without breaking the bank. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something super-affordable, EarFun’s Air Pro 3 offer great value.

  • Apple AirPods Pro 2 (2nd generation)

    Apple AirPods Pro 2

    $178 $249 Save $71

    The new Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) features a new touch control navigation on the stems, better audio drivers, improved noise-cancellation and transparency features, and more. The case comes with an Apple U1 chip, that lets users track down their AirPods Pro using the Find My network, and there’s also a set of speaker holes on the bottom to sound an alarm.

  • EarFun Air Pro 3 transparent background

    EarFun Air Pro 3

    $80 $86 Save $6

    EarFun’s Air Pro 3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds feature Qualcomm’s aptX Adaptive Sound, wireless charging, up to 45 hours of playtime with their case, app EQ customization, and 6 Environmental Noise Cancellation microphones, and more.

  • 2-nothing-ear-2-pbi

    Nothing Ear 2

    Nothing Ear (2) are the new true wireless earbuds from the London-based brand. The new earbuds come with features such as Hi-Res Audio, LHDC 5.0 technology, Personal Sound Profile, Dual Connection, Clear Voice Technology, and much more. There is support for Active Noise Cancelation and the earbuds also have IP54 rating.

Apple Watch

Finally, Apple Watch is one accessory that I can’t just do without. From tracking my workouts to taking quick calls to checking out notifications, the Apple Watch is one accessory that extends the capabilities of your iPhone. Not only that, Apple has added some handy safety features like fall and car crash detection that ensures peace of mind. While there are plenty of other smartwatches out there that are compatible with iPhones, nothing compares to the Apple Watch.

  • pbi-apple-watch-ultra-2

    Apple Watch Ultra 2

    The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is powered by the new Apple S9 chip, and comes with improved tracking. It’s rugged, powerful, and it can last for up to 72 hours in Low Power Mode. It has the brightest display on any smartwatch, and it provides advanced metrics and views for you to track workouts.

  • Apple Watch Series 9 Graphite PBI

    Apple Watch Series 9

    Apple Watch Series 9 is the latest smartwatch from the Cupertino giant. It offers boasts a full day of battery life, a faster processor with on-device AI, and innovative gesture-based functionality. You can choose from GPS or Cellular options and select either a 41mm or 45mm model.

  • Apple Watch SE (2nd gen)

    Apple Watch SE 2

    $189 $249 Save $60

    The affordable Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation) looks the same as its predecessor; it features improved fitness tracking and is powered by the latest and most powerful Apple S8 chip. It’s available in three colors and supports the same bands as the last generation.

Other iPhone Accessories Worth Checking Out

While these are my must-have accessories, the iPhone accessory world goes beyond. There’s a myriad of options out there, from mounts compatible with Continuity Camera to MagSafe Stands for StandBy Mode to wireless power banks, and even tripods designed specifically for iPhones. Safe to say, the accessory market for iPhones is vast and diverse. Here are some other accessories worth checking out:

  • PBI Anker Wireless Charging Stand

    Anker Wireless Charging Stand

    If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable solution, Anker’s Wireless Charging Stand is a great option. It supports wireless charging for iPhones in horizontal orientation, allowing you to use the StandBy feature. It also supports wireless charging for other Qi-enabled devices.

  • ESR wireless charging kickstand

    ESR Magsafe Charger Kickstand

    $18 $30 Save $12

    If you’re looking for a wireless charger that can lay flat on a desk during the day but becomes a horizontal charging stand at night, the ESR MagSafe charger with kickstand is one of the best options out there.

  • UGREEN Magnetic Power Bank pbi

    UGREEN Magnetic Power Bank

    This MagSafe power bank by UGREEN is a dependable choice. It has a 5,000 mAh battery and supports both wired and wireless charging. It can charge quickly thanks to its 15W input capability. It also features a silicone material that is soft and skin-friendly.

  • est halolock magsafe wallet pbi

    ESR HaloLock Power Bank Wallet

    The ESR HaloLock Power Bank Wallet utilizes Apple’s MagSafe technology to charge your phone while conveniently storing your credit cards. It’s a top-notch and versatile MagSafe power bank that offers great value for your money.

  • Belkin Car Mount iPhone Background Removed

    Belkin MagSafe Car Mount

    If you’re looking for hands-free charging solution for your car, the Belkin MagSafe Car Mount is an excellent option. With 10W fast charging, it provides a secure and reliable connection for your iPhone. It can be used in any position for charging, streaming, and navigation.

  • PBI Capstone Mount iPhone

    Capstone Continuity Camera Mount

    It’s probably best to go with Capstone’s continuity camera mount if you want an affordable mount with MagSafe as well. It attaches via magnets to your iPhone and then slides onto your Mac’s lid. It is quite affordable and has great reviews on Amazon.

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