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2023 Ambassador World Cup: Kicking off the Finals

The Ambassador World Cup So Far

Teams & hackers

The Ambassador World Cup started out with 29 teams and 677 hackers from 22 different countries. Entering the Final Four, 580 hackers across 25 teams have been eliminated.


We’ve had incredible participating organizations in this year’s Ambassador World Cup. This amazing tournament wouldn’t be possible without the organizations from each round:

  • Round 1: Epic Games, OpenSea, Shopify, Stripe, and Yahoo
  • Round 2: Stripe, Open Sea
  • Round 3: Yahoo
  • Round 4: Shopify, Tinder, MetaMask


To date, this World Cup has resulted in 2,400+ submissions, with 580 being valid and 24.48% being high/critical. 


Thus far in the tournament, ​​$1.3M+ in rewards have been paid to hackers. 

The Final Four


Teams & hackers

Our Final Four consists of 97 remaining masterful hackers. They represent the countries of France, Israel, Nepal, and Spain.

“We did it! Finally, we were able to get into the final four phase, which was quite challenging. I’m super happy to bring that brand new French team to the final phase in Argentina, either for the petite finale or for the finale! The event was great, and I’m pretty sure we reached the goal to get my team confident they can be successful on HackerOne — that’s exactly what I wanted!”

— blaklis, France HackerOne Club Ambassador


Of the over 2,400 submissions throughout the World Cup so far, 261 have come from the Final Four alone. The Final Four findings yielded 44 valid submissions, 25% of which were high/critical, beating out the overall rate of high/critical submissions for the entire tournament.


Over $135,000 in rewards were paid in the Final Four round of the World Cup, bringing in nearly 10% of the total payments for the first four rounds of the tournament.

The Final Round


We’d like to give a particularly big “thank you” to our organizations participating in the final round: A.S. Watson, Adobe, Mercado Libre, and TikTok

“We look forward to participating in the upcoming Ambassador World Cup live hacking event. Our partnership with these researchers is integral to staying up-totdate with latest trends and patterns to help us improve our product security ecosystem. We will continue to seek ways to deepen our relationships and investments with the broader security research community. “

– Daniel Ventura, Product Security Incident Response Team at Adobe


The final round of the Ambassador World Cup will take place in beautiful Buenos Aires, where the top two teams, Israel and Spain, will face off in person for their shot at the championship title.

Ready, Set, Hack

The 2023 Ambassador World Cup has been a blast so far, and we can’t wait to see the final two teams face off for the championship on Thursday, October 19. Stay tuned for our formal announcement of the winners on Saturday, November 4. Good luck to both Israel and Spain!

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