YouTube Kids Is Not Available In Your Country Error

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  • The error YouTube Kids isn’t available in this country yet can be caused by several reasons, including living in an unsupported country or app glitches.
  • If you live in a not currently supported country, you can use a VPN or install a YouTube Kids APK file.
  • Clearing the cache, signing out and back in, and updating the app are recommended for app glitches.
  • For those using YouTube Kids in a web browser, disabling browser extensions can solve the problem.


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As the name suggests, YouTube Kids is a customizable version of the YouTube app and website dedicated to Kids. It is much easier to control the content according to the age of the children and the preferences of their parents or caregivers, and it helps the children discover new hobbies in a simple and enjoyable environment.

However, many users have issues accessing YouTube Kids for a variety of reasons, with YouTube Kids not available in your country error being one of the most common.

There are a few reasons why this could be happening. Tips and methods shared in this article will help you fix these issues and enjoy unlimited content on Youtube Kids from anywhere in the world.

Why do I get the Sorry, YouTube Kids isn’t available in your country error?

The first reason could be that you don’t reside in one of the countries supported by YouTube Kids right now. Because the supported countries for iOS and Android differ, be sure to select your device’s operating system first when visiting the System requirements and app availability webpage for the YouTube Kids.

YouTube Kids Supported Countries

In some cases, users are located in the supported countries, but they still get this error. This kind of issue is primarily due to a glitch on YouTube Kids app.

First, check the supported countries list to see if the YouTube Kids app is available in your country before proceeding with the solutions. This will help determine the source of the problem and then try the appropriate solution.

If your country isn’t on the list of permitted countries for YouTube Kids, you should follow the first method’s instructions.

Assuming your country is listed as supported, the issue is most likely with the browser or YouTube Kids servers, and the methods outlined after the first solution should be followed.

How can I fix the Sorry, YouTube Kids isn’t available in your country error?

1. Use VPN

  1. To begin, go to the PIA VPN website to create an account and purchase a subscription.PIA VPN website
  2. Choose your preferred plan on the following page.
  3. Fill up your payment information and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase and create an account.
  4. After that, launch Chrome, then select the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of the window.Go to chrome Settings
  5. Then, with your mouse hovered over More Tools, click Extensions.Go to Extensions in Chrome
  6. Click the humberger menu in the top left corner of the window, then select Open Chrome Web Store at the bottom left.Open Chrome Web Store
  7. Then, in the search box, type PIA VPN and hit Enter.Search for PIA VPN in Extensions
  8. Click on Private Internet Access from the search results.Private Internet Access
  9. Following that, select Add to Chrome on the next page.Adding PIA VPN to chrome
  10. You’ll get a message asking if you want to add “Private Internet Access”? To add it to Chrome, select Yes and wait a few seconds.PIA VPN added to chrome extension
  11. The PIA icon can now be found in the Chrome extensions section. If you don’t see it, click the puzzle icon and select the pin next to the PIA extension to add it to the bar.Pinning extension to extention bar
  12. Click on PIA VPN, then enter your credentials.Enter PIA VPN credentials
  13. Once you’ve signed in, select a country where YT Kids is available, then refresh the YouTube Kids website and enjoy the vids.

You can mask your location and trick the YouTube Kids into believing you’re from somewhere other than where you are by using virtual private network (VPN) services, which allows you to access the website.

While there are a plethora of VPN providers to select from, we choose PIA VPN since it is one of our most trusted VPNs and also has several handy features.

For example, whether you use it to change your location and circumvent location-based services such as YouTube Kids, you can also use it for gaming because it has no adverse effect on your ping, which has a huge impact on the gaming experience.

Besides supporting OpenVPN, WireGuard, and many other virtual network systems that focus on establishing secured connections, Private Internet Access software can also prevent traffic data leaking in the event of a loss of connectivity. All of these characteristics are the reason we initially recommended Private Internet Access (PIA).

Many companies, such as NordVPN and Surfshark, provide VPN services. You can choose the one you prefer or trust the most.

If your country is on the supported countries list and your child chooses to use YT Kids through a web browser rather than the app, follow the instructions below to clear the cache and resolve the problem.

2. Clear the Cache

  1. Click on the three-dot on the top right corner of the Chrome browser. Go to chrome Settings
  2. Hover your mouse over History and choose History from the list that appears.Go to Chrome History
  3. On the left side of the browser, select Clear browsing data.Clear Browsing data on chrome
  4. Change the time range to All time from the menu that opens, then select the Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files check boxes. Clearing browser cache image and files
  5. Following that, click on Clear data.Confirm clearing cache

Check to see if the Error YouTube Kids Is Not Available In Your Country has been resolved. If not, move on to the next solution.

It’s not uncommon for adblockers and privacy extensions to interfere with YouTube’s scripts. Follow the instructions below to disable browser extensions.

3. Disable Browser Extensions

  1. If you’re using Chrome, click the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of the browser.Go to chrome Settings
  2. Then, by hovering your mouse over More Tools, select Extensions.Go to Extensions in Chrome
  3. You’ll now see a list of the extensions installed on your browser. Toggle the slider under each extension off to disable them.Disabling Extensions
  4. After you’ve disabled all of the extensions, visit YouTube Kids and check to see if it’s working properly.

4. Check your internet connection

Unplug your router’s power cable and wait for two minutes. Then plug the power cord back in, power up your router, and check the results. If you don’t have enough bandwidth, switch to a cable connection and disconnect all the other devices using the connection.

Enable Airplane mode for a few seconds and then re-enable it if you’re using cellular data. Alternatively, switch to a Wi-Fi connection and check if YouTube Kids videos are playing now.

How can I bypass this error on mobile devices?


1. Use VPN

  1. Navigate to the NordVPN website on your Android device or computer, then select the Get NordVPN + Gift option.Purchasing NordVPN
  2. Click on Get 2- Year Plan.NordVPN 2 year Plan
  3. To purchase the subscription, either create a new account and enter your billing information, or Log in to an existing account.Creating NordVPN account-1
  4. Install NordVPN on your phone after purchasing a subscription if you don’t already have it installed. So, go to the Google Play Store and search for the app, then touch the Install button.Download NordVPN for Android to fix Sorry YouTube Kids is not available
  5. After that, open the NordVPN app.Open NordVPN
  6. Tap on LOG IN, enter the username and password for the NordVPN account you created on the website.Log in to NordVPN account
  7. Now, select the location where YouTube Kids is officially available such as the USA.
  8. In this step you should clear your devices cache. To do this, open the Settings app and go to Apps.Select Apps
  9. Next select Google Play Store from the list.
  10. Tap on Storage and then select the clear data and clear cache options.
  11. Now go back to the main page of the app, often the one just before where you are now, and select force stop to stop the app from running.
  12. Relaunch the Google Play Store and search for YouTube Kids after you’ve performed the above steps.

Now the YouTube Kids app page on the Google Play Store will be opened, and you will have the option to install it on your device even if it is not officially available in your region.

Using the following method, you can install the YouTube kids app on your Android device without having to install any third-party VPN app and bypass app requirements in Google Play.

2. Install YouTube Kids APK file

  1. On your Android device, download the YouTube Kids APK file.
  2. Once the download is complete, tap on the downloaded APK file and select install.

Once the installation is complete, you can open and start using the app just like every other app on your device.

As mentioned earlier, if you are in a country where YouTube kids are available, but you are still facing problems using the app try the following methods to troubleshoot the issue.

3. Sign out and sign back In

One of the quickest ways to fix this issue is to log out of the problematic YouTube Kids account. With this, you’ll establish a new server connection for the device associated with your account. So, click on the lock icon, sign out, and restart your device. Then sign back in, set up the account again if prompted, and check the results.


1. Create a new Apple ID

  1. If you have a Mac, go to the Apple menu, select Sign in, and then Create New Apple ID; if you have a Windows PC, open iTunes and select Accounts, then Sign In.Select a country that is supported by YouTube Kids to bypass YouTube Kids Is Not Available In Your Country
  2. Fill in all the required fields and select a new country, where YouTube Kids is available then click on Continue.Fill in the required fields to create new Apple ID
  3. Next, you’ll get an email with a verification code. Enter the code on your device to complete the account creation procedure.
  4. Now, on your iPhone, go to the App Store.Go to App store
  5. Click on the human icon which you will find at the top right corner of the page.Human icon in app store
  6. Then scroll down to Sign Out option and tap on it.Signing out of Apple ID
  7. After you’ve entered your new Apple ID account credentials in the Username and Password fields, touch Sign In, and then Done.
  8. Next, in the Apple Store’s bottom right corner, hit the magnifier icon, and then type YouTube Kids into the search field.Tap on Magnifier  icon and search for YT Kids
  9. Tap the Get button next to the YouTube Kids app.
  10. Now a pop-up will open, tap Install, then you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID. Don’t forget to use your new Apple ID account to sign in.
  11. After signing in with your new credentials, you’ll be required to enter details about account billing information to complete the process.
  12. Open the app and have fun with it. Launch YT Kids
Note icon
To create an Apple ID, you must provide a valid payment method. In addition, if you want to access YouTube Kids, you’ll need to use a VPN to hide your current location if it’s not one of the supported countries.

Now check to see if the Sorry Youtube Kids isn’t available in this country yet error on your iOS device has been fixed. If not, move on to the next step.

2. Update the App

  1. Go to App Store.Go to App store
  2. After that, tap on magnifier icon and type YouTube Kids into the search box.Tap on Magnifier icon and search for YT Kids
  3. Select the Update option next to the YouTube Kids app.Updating YouTube Kids
Note icon

If there isn’t an Update button, the app is up to date, and the problem isn’t caused by an out-of-date app.

It’s important to keep your apps updated because developers are constantly working to fix bugs and improve the app, and in some situations, the new update isn’t compatible with the previous version of the app, resulting in issues like receiving errors and so on.

What are the advantages of YouTube Kids, and is it safe for my children?

The appearance of YouTube Kids and YouTube is the most visible distinction. The background is vibrant, and the menu icons are funny, making it more appealing to children. Aside from that, YouTube Kids has a very simple and user-friendly interface that allows children of all ages to browse the menus and watch the videos they want.

One of the most crucial features of this app is that it gives kids a sense of control, which is important because kids are constantly being controlled rather than being in charge of anything.

YouTube Kids’ contents are all aimed toward kids, including shows like Sesame Street, and unlike YouTube, it isn’t designed to encourage users to get likes or comments, making it more appropriate and fun for kids.

Besides the fun part of the YouTube Kids, Google has also put a lot of effort into the safety part of the app. After creating an account on this app, you can create accounts for your kids and specify their age ranges:

  • Preschool: Kids aged 4 and under
  • Younger: Kids aged 5-8
  • Older: Kids aged 9-12

This will allow YouTube Kids to filter content and only show videos appropriate for that age group, potentially resulting in a safer experience. However, the contents are not 100% safe for your children; there is still a small chance of showing inappropriate videos, but Google has come a long way and made this app extremely safe.

You may also make this app safer than ever before by selecting an age group lower than your child’s or co-watching. Another handy option is to keep an eye on your child’s account’s viewing history.

Moreover, It’s good to upgrade YouTube Kids to remove the ads. Approved Content Only is another feature that allows you to choose which collections or channels your children are allowed to watch. The parental control software can also be installed on a computer or phone.

Most of the applications and services available are under Geo-Restriction, meaning, to access them, one needs to be in a certain location; the VPN method helps you overcome these restrictions so you can enjoy your desired content anywhere in the world.

Remember using VPNs can limit some of the other functions in your device, so make sure to turn the VPN off when you are done.

When downloading APK files, make sure that you read the reviews on the website and download the files from credible websites; there can be many contaminated files disguised as APK. Hopefully, these methods are enough to solve your problems with YouTube Kids.

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