Lego’s New Jaws Set Will Not Let You Build a Bigger Boat

Lego’s latest Ideas set is here, and the company is celebrating in style: not just by giving us a full, glorious look at its tribute to Jaws in all its sharp-toothed glory, but releasing a new video tribute to the Spielberg classic.

Viewable on Lego’s official website, the 90-second tribute retells Jaws in brick-built glory, and gives us our debut look at the brick-builder’s new set in action: a recreation of the famous boat attack scene, born out of Lego’s crowd-supported fan design platform, Lego Ideas.

The set, clocking in just shy of 1,500 pieces, lets fans build a display piece including full replica of Quint’s boat, the Orca, which features a removable roof to reveal a fully detailed interior cabin, as well as adjustable rigging, and a display base of suitably choppy water for it to sail on… as its chased by the infamous shark, which can be displayed as part of the base or on a separate stand. The set will also come with three minifigures–Quint, Police Chief Brody, and Hooper–as well as a host of accessories inspired by the movie, including a few of the crucial floatation barrels the crew uses in its hunt for the shark.

The Lego Ideas Jaws set will retail for $150 when it releases this August 6–with early access for members of Lego’s Insiders program beginning August 3. 

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