‘iPhone Studio’ Concept Envisions Unique Intermixture of iPhone and Mac Studio Design

Video: ‘iPhone Studio’ Concept Envisions Unique Intermixture of iPhone and Mac Studio Design

BY Anu Joy

Published 3 May 2022


A new design concept entitled “iPhone Studio” attempts to give the iPhone a Mac Studio-esque makeover. Created by concept designer Antonio de Rosa, the renders showcase a sleek design with a ProCamera Array, a USB-C port, and more.

The prolific designer has released various such concepts, with the “Apple ProCam” 8K standalone camera being the latest. He had also created renders of Apple’s much-awaited AR headset.

In the latest renders, de Rosa conceptualizes an iPhone that matches the aesthetics of the Mac Studio. They show the handset replete with various features such as an A16 “Ultra” processor, USB-C, “Audio 3D,” and a “ProCamera Array” with periscope lens.  

The possibility of an iPhone getting USB-C connectivity is a hotly-debated topic in Apple communities. It’s interesting to see the port on an iPhone, even if it solely exists as a concept for now. There’s no word on whether USB-C for iPhone will ever see the light of day, even though the European Union (EU) has been pushing for it as a new standard for portable devices.

The concept also shows a horizontal ProCamera Array with a periscope lens, reminiscent of the Google Pixel 6 smartphone series. The concept camera is in accordance with rumors suggesting that future iPhones could sport this lens. This Apple-patented camera system is purported to reduce the size of the camera bump. Additionally, the design shows off Audio 3D, an array of speakers that wraps around the iPhone.  It bears a strong resemblance to the Mac Studio’s cooling grille.

However, not everything looks sleek and futuristic. The iPhone concept sports unsightly volume and power buttons that stick out the side.  

Check out the video below which showcases the new iPhone Studio concept:

[Via Antonio de Rosa]

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