Dbrand’s Case Hardened iPhone skin is a tribute to a $1 million Counter-Strike skin, complete with a chance to score your very own Blue Gem special edition

After an AK 47 assault rifle from Counter Strike 2 was sold for north of $1 million at auction back in January, dbrand has put out a whole new range of tech skins to celebrate — and it even comes with its own loot box mechanic. 

In the game itself, you spend real-life money on keys, which open cases with a random chance of getting skins for weapons. While most skins aren’t worth much, some are valuable enough to pay for your morning coffee or even a down payment on a house. This in-game economy hit its current peak with the StatTrak Factory Case Hardened New Blue Gem version of the AK47 and dbrand’s new cases are based on this. 

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