Apple has lots of plans for spatial media as Vision Pro comes to shelves, but not all of it seems to be going to plan

Only a few days ago, Apple released its new mixed-reality headset, the Vision Pro. While all the other virtual reality or augmented reality headset manufacturers have stuck with the VR or AR moniker with which to describe their devices, Apple however has instead made its own name for what it presumably sees as the next era of computing — spatial computing. Computing in space! Or something…?

Apple doesn’t want the Vision Pro to be a gaming headset like its competitors. Instead, Vision Pro is positioned to one day replace your PC, today acting as a working companion to your expensive and powerful MacBook Pro or Mac Studio, as well as being a very high-tech media player. As a computer replacement in a world where people use their primary computer as a method of consuming various types of content, Vision Pro needs to be good at watching movies, playing games, and more — and do it in such a way that stands out from the rest of the portable computing space.

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