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Mere hours after reports circulated that Apple had declined to approve the Epic Games Store for iOS in the EU, the iPhone maker has changed course, allowing the app to proceed anyway.

Early on Friday, Epic Games complained that its submission of the Epic Games Store for iOS to Apple was rejected twice. The complaints were accompanied by claims Apple’s rejection was “arbitrary, obstructive, and in violation” of the EU’s Digital Markets Act.

Later the same day, Apple had a change of heart about the situation, and instead has approved the Epic Games Store.

Delayed correction request

In earlier reports, it was confirmed by Apple that Epic was mostly in compliance with EU-specific app review guidelines. The objectionable parts were a download button and related copy, which went against rules that forbid developers from making apps that can confuse consumers that elements in the apps were actually Apple-made items.

Epic had defended itself, insisting it used the same naming conventions employed across different platforms. Epic also said it followed standard conventions for buttons in iOS apps.

Apple has since told AppleInsider on Friday that it has approved Epic’s marketplace app. It has also asked Epic to fix the buttons in a future submission of the app for review.

In effect, Apple is allowing the app to proceed with the questionable buttons since it’s a relatively minor issue. Epic will still need to change them before it next submits the app for review.

Green light

Apple’s acceptance that a small graphical issue isn’t the end of the world certainly helps Epic get closer to launching its own iOS marketplace in the EU. However, it may not necessarily make a great difference to Epic’s schedule.

It is unknown how much other work Epic has to complete to make the store available for use in the EU. Aside from the app being the main interface, it also has to construct a back-end to handle sales and downloads, among other essential functions.

At the time of the rejection complaint, Epic said it still planned to bring the store to iOS “in the next couple of months.” Apple’s approval will help reduce that time, but it is unclear how much by.

Epic has now confirmed that it was contacted by Apple, and that the submission was approved for notarization.

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