An Orchestra of Devices Plays ‘Ghostbusters’ Song for Halloween

If you never thought a steam iron—yes, you read that right—could deliver a stellar performance of the iconic Ghostbusters theme song, you’re in for quite a treat this Halloween.

A googly-eyed steam iron—joined with a slew of googly-eyed bandmates including electric toothbrushes, credit card readers, typewriters, a body trimmer, an epilator, and a nail polishing device—played its inanimate little heart out on Saturday during a rendition of “Ghostbusters” by YouTuber Device Orchestra.

The cover was a delightful reminder that there are still good and wonderful things in the world, despite the current stream of seemingly never-ending disasters. One of the electric toothbrushes even dressed up as a ghost for Halloween. In addition, I never thought I would say that inanimate electronic devices are cute, but googly eyes and pipe cleaner arms are bound to make anyone’s heart twinge.

The cover is the work of Device Orchestra, whose name is pretty self-explanatory: He make covers of popular songs using the sounds made by electronic devices. While we only hear the song and see the video, there are a lot of electronics at work “under the hood,” as he puts it, such as microcontrollers, circuit boards, wires, and power supplies.

In September, Device Orchestra gave us a cover of “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” complete with homemade club lights—a light in a shot glass under a bowl—and an electric toothbrush with blue googly eyes. Other notable covers include Star Wars’ “Imperial March” featuring toasters (which unfortunately left Device Orchestra without working toasters and unable to make toast) and the Pokémon theme song with electric toothbrushes.

According to his Patreon, Device Orchestra would love to do live shows one day, but he still needs more funds before he gets to that point. Until then, you can help him buy the things he needs for his videos, such as electronics and googly eyes, and help him pay his electricity bills. That is a lot of stuff plugged in at the same time.

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