5 Apple Watch Series 9 features that have impressed me, and one that needs fixed

The Apple Watch Series 9 (and Ultra 2) are finally here, and it’d be fair to say they’re not quite the expansive revisions many were hoping for (although the rumored Apple Watch X coming next year may offer more surprises). Still, in true Apple fashion, they represent the pinnacle of the lineup so far.

When it comes to the Series 9, big, wholesale new features may not be the order of the day, but there’s still plenty to enjoy. Is it worth upgrading from a Series 8, or even a Series 7? Possibly not, but we’ve rounded up our favorite Series 9 features so far, as well as one elephant in the room that Apple hasn’t addressed yet.

New colors

(Image credit: Apple)

The Apple Watch Series 9 isn’t a big change from the Series 8, design-wise, but one of the more obvious ways to spot the latest model is the new Pink version, available on the aluminum models.

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